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Midterm evaluation of energy efficiency in new construction in the residential and commercial buildings sector in mongolia in short building energy efficiency project atlas project number. Over 1,000 devices provide monitoring to hillsborough county school district. Utilizing the energy and cost saving potential in the. Working group in november 2003, and information provided by mongolian institutions during the country visit. Importance of external factors opportunities for energy saving. A roadmap for ulaanbaatar urban heating world bank documents. Efficient buildings a major energy consumer and co 2 producer buildings use 40 % of total eu energy consumption and generate 36 % of greenhouse gases in europe. Contents introduction building fabric and energy consumption. According to the international energy agency, minigrids or offgrid solutions will the best way of bringing modern energy services to the people who currently lack these, and 90% of that electricity must be provided by renewables6. The consequences can include high energy bills, occupant discomfort, and water damage. The proposed energy efficiency and urban environment improvement project will upgrade the electrical transmission and distribution networks in and around ulaanbaatar, thereby improve energy efficiency, reduce transmission and distribution losses and emission of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants from existing power plants in ulaanbaatar. Smallscale hydropower plants produce less than 1% of the total energy generation but according to the master plan study for rural power supply by renewable energy in mongolia, by the end of 2020 up to 20%.

Energy efficiency around 93% of the electricity and heat supply is generated by seven sovietdesign thermal heat and power stations built between 1961 and 1986. Chronic reliability problems in power and heat supply in one of the worlds coldest regions. A holistic approach to environmentally sustainable development is promoted and practiced for improving the wellbeing of rural and urban poor. Jointly financed by the world bank and mexico, the project was triggered by a series of city energy diagnostics using esmaps trace tool. A world bank municipal energy efficiency project is financing the design and implementation of investments in several mexican cities across the country. As the building sector rapidly advances in mongolia, improving energy efficiency became an important development aspect which require further programming and assistance from development partners. Reeep renewable energy and energy efficiency partnership rpm road map project manager scada system control and data acquisition. Asia business council research building energy efficiency. By refocusing energy policies, developing nations could dramatically reduce the growth of energy demand over the next 12 years without impairing economic growth.

Thermotechnical retrofitting of public buildings in western mongoliaoutcome 3 outlines support to establish energy managers and energy auditors. In the private sector, a lack of technical expertise, for example in terms of planning and construction and refurbishment of energyefficient buildings is further hindering an improvement of energy efficiency in the building sector. The largest construction market is in the capital city of ulaanbaatar, where nearly half of mongolias 3 million citizens live. In framework of the giz energy efficiency project eep a field trip was undertaken from 29 march 1 april 2016 to zavkhan aimagprovince to visit public buildings thermotechnically rehabilitated in 2015 and public buildings to be rehabilitated this year within the framework of. Landlocked, it is characterised by an extreme climate and harsh natural conditions.

Buildings sector in mongolia in short building energy efficiency project. As part of mongolias commitment to reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions by 14 percent, mongolia is seeking to adopt green construction material standards promoting low heatloss and energy and resource efficiency. Investment plan for scalingup renewable energy in mongolia i contents executive summary iv i. Jan 1, 2010 end date dec 31, 20 management arrangements nex pac meeting date apr 16, 2009 united nations development programme country. Thermotechnical retrofitting of public buildings in western. Tphd trade policy and human development in mongolia project unctad united nations conference on trade and development. It is my pleasure to provide the forward for this, the first report on the tonga energy road map 201020. Welldesigned energy efficiency measures have the potential to drive growth in the market for green technologies and materials.

Energy efficiency and urban environment improvement. Houses and buildings with low energy efficiency add to heat losses and the. Energy efficiency project, bnbd 23022009 buildings thermal performance was. The development objective of the second energy sector project for mongolia is to improve reliability and sustainability of electricity services in mongolia. Within the project turning sheep wool into environmentally friendly building material. A report of building energy efficiency in rural china by evans et al. Concept, barriers and opportunities 79 november 2015, suzhou, china. Designed with an insulated combustion chamber, they retain heat for longer and at a higher temperature, meaning households can keep warmer while using less fuel.

The development objective of the ulaanbaatar clean air project is to enable consumers in ger areas to access heating appliances producing less particulate matter emissions and to further develop selected mediumterm particulate matter abatement measures. Energy issues for mongolia united states energy association. Brandons house 29 great george street bristol, bs1 5qt, uk. Preparing the energy efficiency and urban environment. The building energy efficiency project beep started in 2009 to support the government of mongolia in enhancing energy efficiency in the wider mongolian building sector by removing the barriers, including noncompliant and outdated building codes, norms and standards bcns. This maxim is used frequently, but for good reason sometimes big savings can come from low to nocost projects. Are the building energy efficiency standards required to be updated on a regular basis to reflect technological advances and changes in best practices for building energy efficiency in each sector. Smallscale hydropower plants produce less than 1% of the total energy generation but according to the master plan study for rural power supply by renewable. Investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects makes sound business sense. Building efficiency accelerator wri ross center for. In the last two decades, it has established a democratic political system and has begun reforms to move from a centrally planned economy towards one with market characteristics. One of the barriers to this business has been lack of knowledge and expertise.

The book is based on learned lessons from nzeb design, construction, operation that are integrated to bring the most relevant topics, such as. Overview this guide introduces the main financing mechanisms available to help businesses invest in energy efficient equipment, allowing businesses to save energy, cut costs and increase profit margins. Mongolia and korea international finance corporation ifc ifc china esco market study report 5. Mongolia ulaanbaatar clean air project english abstract. If the landlord pays the utility bills, they will benefit from this financially and potentially meet a forthcoming regulatory requirement. Reached an agreement between the users of public building and heat suppliers on energy efficiency and energy savings based on a fact based dialogue strengthened ability of the local government to develop action plans, standards and protocols, and capability to enforce them enev iii project. Concepts, frameworks and roadmap for project analysis and implementation provides readers with the elements they need to understand, combine and contextualize design decisions on net zero energy buildings. The bea is a publicprivate collaboration that turns global expertise into action to accelerate local government implementation of building efficiency policies and. Beep building energy efficiency project cca common country assessment ccf country cooperation framework cg consultative group cpap country programme action plan cpd country programme document cso civil society organization dex direct execution dpcla department of policy coordination of loans and aid ministry of finance. Energy efficiency in new construction in the residential and commercial buildings sector in mongolia. Department of energy usdoe and chinas ministry of science and technology most, the agenda 21 demonstration energyefficient office building in the western part of downtown beijing is the first leadership in energy and environmental design leed goldrated building in china. Sme guide to financing energy efficiency projects carbon. Adb has been supporting construction of a new, energyefficient.

Facilitation of market transformation for energy efficiency in the construction sector through the development and implementation of nationally appropriate mitigation actions nama by removing barriers to increased adoption of energy efficiency technology in construction sector in mongolia project scope. Improved insulation and fuelefficient stoves, mongolia. The project objective is the reduction in the annual growth rate of ghg emissions from the buildings sector in mongolia, by improving the energy utilization efficiency in new construction in the residential and commercial buildings sector. Calculating project emissions for building units within a category. Cost estimation and heat energy savings for ttr of apartment buildings.

So the eeh project will achieve direct ghg savings far greater than those. Building energy efficiency in rural china request pdf. Mongolia is one of the worlds most sparsely populated countries. Energy efficiency is at the forefront of current debates about building technology. National renewable energy laboratory 1617 cole boulevard golden, colorado 8040393 3032753000. Power sector of mongolia, regional cooperation possibilities mr. Mongolia second energy sector project english abstract. Energy efficiency is key to the transformation of energy systems and, it is estimated, will play a critical role in limiting the growth of world energy demand to one third by 2040. Therefore, heating is the primary mongolian building energy demand. Report on field trip to zavkhan aimag, mongolia in. The increasing global population, decreasing fossilbased energy resources, rising emissions of harmful gases. As a part of their planned tasks, there is a need for some kind of standardized energy efficiency certificate.

Efficient stoves reduce indoor air pollution by 80%, significantly reducing the likelihood of respiratory diseases. A net zeroenergy building zeb is a residential or commercial building with greatly reduced energy needs through efficiency gains such that the balance of energy needs can be supplied with. A local energy efficiency action plan leeap that coordinates energy efficiency efforts is also missing. The energy project aims at reducing electricity losses, and improving electric power revenue collection in mongolia, through an increased reliability on, and financial sustainability of the electricity distribution companies. For example, the government aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector through the increase of energy efficiency by 20 percent by 2030, while it seeks to reduce building heat losses by 20 percent and 40. The company recently tapped its integrated facilities management data to discover five top energy efficiency tips. A comparison of building energy codes in 15 countries rachel young, american council for an energyefficient economy abstract integrating energy efficiency into building codes is a recognized strategy to reduce energy consumption in the residential and commercial sectors. Ifis can on the other hand leverage opportunities for improving energy efficiency in the country and seek ways. Satisfying growing energy demand will require both new capacity and rehabilitation of existing facilities. Mongolia ulaanbaatar clean air project english the. Domestic consumption of coal accounts for about two thirds 66% of mongolias primary energy and is the almost sole source of electricity, accounting for almost 95% of the domestic electricity production in 2015.

Does the government publish clear and practical guidance on what. A compelling global resource governments will play a decisive role in boosting energy efficiency. This technology overview guide introduces the main energy saving opportunities relating to building fabric and demonstrates how simple actions save energy, cut costs and increase comfort for building occupants. Scalingup renewable energy programme srep investment plan for mongolia government of mongolia december 2015. In their article promoting energy efficiency in the developing. Overview of energyelectricity demand and renewable energy. The assessment was conducted in close cooperation with the mongolia ministry of energy and. The proposed project will upgrade the electricity transmission and. It is an area on which undp could seek further opportunities as undp strategic plan pays special attention to energy efficiency and includes a. Energy efficiency figures prominently in mongolias national green development plan approved by parliament in june 2014. Sme guide to financing energy efficiency projects carbon trust.

The giz energy efficiency project is being implemented together with the energy authorities in mongolia since no vember 2007. Ee energy efficiency mecs macdonaldmiller energy capital solutions spv special purpose vehicle ceef commercializing energy efficiency finance obr onbill repayment cdq coke dry quenching fyp five year plan fi financial institutions pbl project based lending esf energy savings funds m million. Purchase net zero energy buildings nzeb 1st edition. Are the building energy efficiency standards required to be updated on a regular basis to reflect technological advances and changes in. Scoping study of biomass energy development in inner mongolia, china 6 summary and main findings objectives this study is intended to assist the local government in xingan meng, inner mongolia, in developing a biomass development program in the region. The collapse of the assistance from the former soviet union in 1990 pushed mongolias economy into deep recession and the energy sector to the brink of crisis. Nearly 7% of this is supplemented by production capacities from renewable energy sources wind, water, photovoltaics, which have been successively commissioned in recent years. Presently, heating and electricity needs in ulaanbaatar are met by three old, inefficient coalbased combined heat and power chp.

For this reason, window improvements are in high demand. Ulaanbaatar, the capital of mongolia has 1, 2 million inhabitants. The construction sector is on its critical path to decarbonise the european economy by 2050, reducing its co 2 emissions by at least 80 % and its energy consumption by as much as. State policy on energy national energy policy june 15, 2015 national renewable energy program 20062020 law on energy of mongolia law on renewable energy fit, supporting tariff, long term ppa law on energy efficiency of mongolia master plan for energy sector development roadmap. Energy efficiency in new construction in the residential and commercial buildings sector in mongolia undaf outcomes.

Beep building energy efficiency project cca common country assessment ccf country cooperation framework cg consultative group cpap country programme action plan. Department of energy office of energy efficiency and renewable energy by midwest research institute battelle nrelfs71033067 april 2004. The project has been in the pipeline for several years. Midterm evaluation of energy efficiency in new construction in the residential and commercial buildings sector in mongolia in short building energy efficiency project. Wbgef renewable energy development project national renewable energy laboratory 1617 cole boulevard golden, colorado 8040393 3032753000. The compendium is in four sections, enumerates topics ranging from policy, regulations and its impact on implementation. We provide britishdesigned energy solutions for your building portfolio. Mongolia is a big producer of coal, which is mostly exported. Ecoefficient demonstration building in ecocity berlin in ulaanbaatar. Project design document the thermotechnical rehabilitation of. Agenda 21 demonstration energyefficient office building 2004 pdf a collaboration between the u.

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