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Use these instructional materials to help open up guitar avenues and to examine different chords and rhythms, lead guitar techniques, learning the fretboard, music theory, scales, and the world of playing over chord changes. The guitar major scale is happy upbeat and useful in a variety of styles of music. The most important of these are both major and minor pentatonic. Free, printable, blank guitar tab and fretboard sheets with a clean and minimal design, and a powerful fretboard visualization chart for learning and viewing the notes on the fretboard, all in pdf format.

The diagrams and tabs below show you ways in which you can navigate scales across three octavestwelve frets and beyond, in a single run if you wish. Pentatonic scales for guitar a pentatonic scale has just 5 notes. Free guitar scales pdf 84 scale and arpeggios chart. Get your free instant download of the pdf version of this guide now. One of the biggest lessons to learn when playing jazz guitar is that knowing scales, arpeggios, chords, patterns, etc. It is usually used on guitar to extend the blues scale, giving us a natural second and natural sixth. Visual guitar tm guitar scales, chords, arpeggios, sound. Much better than the books which have collected dust on your shelves for years. How to play scales up and down the fretboard quora. Common open and closed scale patterns up to four sharps or flats, two octaves some three octaves, and examples of open string shifts. There is a ton of good, useful musical information.

G major e minor pentatonic scale guitar scales the pentatonic scale is a favorite of many guitarists and its easy to see why. For each scale, you can learn a number of different shapes and patterns, depending on the zone of the fretboard youre working on. This is the most complete book of guitar scales and arpeggios ever written. Sometimes when guitarists learn to play scales, they tend to do so in a very onedimensional way.

It displays notes, chords and scales on any instrument. The ebook contains the most important scales for beginners, such as major and minor, but shows also more advanced. The chart pdf contains several fretboard maps, each one showing a particular guitar key. The bass scales chart below shows three common bass scales pentatonic minor, blues and major as patterns on a fretboard. See the website for notes, pdf worksheets and additional course notes. Isbn 18973111 this electronic edition, isbn 18973111, may be copied and distributed without prior written permission of the publisher provided that this edition is not altered in any way, shape, or form, and that it is distributed for free. If youve spent any time learning guitar scales, youll know the importance of memorizing patterns the roadmap for playing scales across the fretboard.

A comprehensive collection of scales is provided, suitable for use in blues, rock, metal, jazz and classical music. High graphic resolution enables printing of best quality large format printouts. Pentatonic scales pdf and instructional video guitar. This is the foundation to becoming a learned musician, rather than merely a recreational player. Select the chart you want below, or alternatively browse all the charts on one page. A good way to remember it is to think of it as natural minor with a 6. Bass scales chart a free printable bass guitar scales. It tabs out the pentatonic scales in all 12 major and minor keys. Guitar lovers manual is a digital book with sound in pdf format for printing purposes. There are 5 minor key backing tracks and 5 major key backing tracks. The natural minor is the aeolian mode of the relative major scale. Pentatonic scales have found their home in the hearts of jazz, blues, and rock. The 2 12 pentatonic scale patterns that connect the entire.

Major scales for classical guitar pdf beginner to intermediate classical guitar. Clicking on the graphics will start playback of the integrated sound. G minor pentatonic contains the notes g, bb, c, d and f. The most important item to practice when learning how to play jazz guitar is adding chromatic notes to chords, scales, and arpeggios, transforming technical devices into jazzy, musical lines and phrases. Use the dropdowns to find the boxes for a particular scale, or create your own. Each scale is illustrated in more than one fretboard position, giving you a suitable scale pattern. Bookmarks simplify navigation and finding pages in adobe. This is a short introduction to the major and minor pentatonic scales.

Major blues scale guitar fretboard patterns chart, key of. The joe pass system of always having a scale and arpeggio under your fingers for every chord shape you use is a great way to learn the fretboard, providing you with soloing material at the same time. Also includes the five closed major scale patterns over the entire. The guitar scales chart book features all of the widelyused guitar scales pentatonic, blues, etc. Memorize certain patterns on your fretboard and keyboard, and you can. Achieving absolute fretboard mastery, part 1 guitar world. When committing the note names to memory, be sure to use the markers on your fretboard as landmarks, assigning specific note names to particular areas of the neck. C major scales for classical guitar from my ebook see info below. It makes it much easier to find your way around the neck and understand how chords, chord shapes and scales are related to each other as well as a lot of other things on the guitar. For instance, you could play c major from low e on the open string to high e on fret xii of the 1 st string.

At this point, the scale recycles itself up the rest of the neck for example, the th fret has the same note names as the first. The result is fast, smooth, melodic movements up and down the neck when you need them. Guitar scales guitar scales regardless what instrument you play, learning to play scales is a rite of passage. Fretboard is a palmos reference tool for stringed instruments like guitar, bass, banjo and many others. For example, if a player were to play a scale in one position and were to try and move up the fretboard, without absolute mastery of the fretboard theyd only be able to. Demystify guitar playing with this interactive online tool, visualize the fretboard to explore scales and chords. Pdf of connecting pentatonic hotspots, after you learn the 2.

Do this to improve your fretboard knowledge jens larsen. These guitar fretboard diagrams show all 5 caged system patterns boxes of the major blues scale in the key of c. In this way is easier to focus on the notes of a given key and learn the notes stepbystep. The pdf is for members only, so youll need to login to download it. Dorian minor scale guitar patterns d fretboard chart by. More specifically, lets talk about how i can help you. Guitar scales printable charts of the most commonly used. Fretboard knowledge is about finding the things you want to play in a way that is. Just select your string tuning standard tuning is default, click the link that says go then click a key link.

Scroll down to download a printable pdf version of the chart, with no login or signup required. Guitar scales, chords, arpeggios, fretboard and theory explained with visual color coded note charts showing octave ranges, root notes, intervals and more for guitar and bass with sound. The 2 12 pentatonic scale patterns that connect the entire fretboard. Minor pentatonic scales to introduce a novice guitar player to the world of rock music requires that he learn a series of scales, which we can call the tools of the trade. For this chapter we will be considering minor pentatonic only. Major scale 1 4 3 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 a 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 3 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 major scale sae b b b c b 1 4 3 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 5 1 4 3 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 6.

When chord boxtype fretboard diagrams are used to show scales, you will see that there is often more than one note on a string, so its important to understand the order these notes are to be played in. Learn the major scale with these easy shapes, patterns, fingerings, and more. The caged system is derived from the five open major chord shapes. What i wanted to play was extended 16th note pentatonic lines that i could take all over the neck. If on the other hand the red dot was the 8th fret of the 6th string, then this note is a c and the scale would be the c minor pentatonic. Guitar basics of chords, keys, and scales upfront worship. How to unlock the inherent strengths of the fretboard with a simple 7 note formula. Use these handy guides to learn some easy scales that will build dexterity and help you know your way around the fretboard. Fretboard scale generator select a root note and a scale to see it on a 12fret fretboard. In the previous guitar intervals lesson we learned how intervals are the building blocks of music, specifying the relative distance between pitches now its time to transfer this knowledge to the fretboard and make some serious progress. By working on the interval charts in this lesson, youll be able to visualize any interval across the entire fretboard, no matter where your starting note. T his guitar scales fretboard chart generator will show you all the major and minor guitar scales and modes with tons of customizable tunings.

This bass scales chart gives you the basic shapes and box patterns to start with to begin playing and learning scales and their degrees. In the video i stop at about the 12 fret, but you can keep going up the fretboard if you so desire. It provides a full accounting of 5, 6, and 7note scales containing intervals no larger than a major third and selected 8note scales, chiefly to account for the bebop scales and the diminished scale. It is in the minor family of chord and scale qualities. Clicking here and on the image below will open a pdf file of the guitar major scale chart that prints nicely. The corresponding shapes are about two octaves long 4. Pdf includes notation, tab, fingering, some diagrams, tips, and more. Of the minor chord and of the major chord means they are notes of the major or minor chord. It shows you diagrams for both scales in all 12 keys as well as the five scale patterns that make learning the scales easy. It is widely used against dominant blues progressions, songs in major, songs in minor. Fachords learn how to play the guitar online guitar. The dorian minor scale is one of the seven diatonic modes. Heres a free guitar scales pdf ebook 22 pages with plenty of scales and arpeggios patterns. Learning your triads on bass will help you move beyond the root.

While you may be familiar with boxed and three notes per string scale patterns, you soon feel the urge to break out. Major scales 5 position system basic this is the caged system. To help you get started with this system, here are a few examples of how to learn chords, scales, and arpeggios in one position on the guitar. This will be the most common explanation, no snake oil. Major scales for classical guitar pdf sheet music, tab. Below youll find every scale youre ever likely to need in tab, notation and fretboard pattern diagram form. You can use the scales on this page for improvisation, songwriting and building up finger speed dexterity. Each video contains the full fretboard diagram shown in the main lesson video and has 1 of the 5 positions circled so that you can practice each position independently or practice connecting with a neighboring position. Whether you want to brush up on your pentatonics, play blues in an unusual key, rock out with an easternsounding scale or improvise. Fretboard topologies boo to compose, improvise, and explore the instrument. If you use scales to improvise and composewhatever style of music you playthen the guitar scales chart book is the reference book you need. Also included at the bottom of the app are the 5 scale patterns for memorizing these scales and a pdf download of all keys in standard tuning.

If you forget about trying to play all scales from low root to high root, you can play any scale in three octaves. Scales and arpeggios for guitar by mike georgia to keep things simple approach it like this. Below is a download link for the pentatonic scale pdf. Guitar scales 5 mustknow guitar scales for beginners fender. Scales are presented as fretboard diagrams, as well as in notation and tab.

How to play the major scale on guitar complete guide. Welcome to the ultimate guide to guitar scales on the internet. The best free guitar scales reference charts and tabs to learn how to play commonly used guitar scales. Just rightclick on the link and choose save as to save it to your computer. Jpeg low resolution jpeg high resolution pdf vector best quality printer friendly version. My name is gianca, im a guitar teacher and a software engineer. For example, if you play that first scale with the red dot on the 5th fret of the 6th string, then the 5th fret of the 6th string is an a and the pattern would represent a minor pentatonic. Fachords is an excellent musical learning website, it has so much to offer. If you cant play it up to speed as in the video, try practicing at a slower tempo. In this lesson i run through some common open and closed patterns for c major which are great for technique or to just build a foundation, and then i go over closed patterns for c major scales over the entire fretboard. It contains the sections chord, scale and arpeggio. They show the scales as played on a 4 string bass with standard tuning.

Guitar intervals on the fretboard interval patterns. W is a whole step, two frets on a guitar, and h is a half step, one fret on the guitar. Of course it includes all the basic, common scales you need to play rock, blues, jazz and so on, but also a vast number of exotic resources for you to experiment with and use. Major minor ionian dorian phrygian lydian mixolydian aeolian locrian major pentatonic minor pentatonic blues harmonic minor melodic minor ascending melodic minor descending. The a minor pentatonic comes from the natural minor scale. With this tool it is possible to illustrate scales, give them titles and save them as images for inclusion in lessons or forum posts. It contains chromatic, ionian major, harmonic major.

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