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The pointer is moved by the action of the pressure via a measuring tube. Ashcroft dial thermometers grainger industrial supply. The ashcroft type 1010 gauge is the most economical of the general service industrial gauges having 1% accuracy. User selectable features include 12 units of measure ment, password protected calibration and disable functions, adjustable bar graph and update rate. The ashcroft registered trademark has epitomized quality and reliability in pressure and temperature instrumentation for over 100 years. Ideal for test, calibration, and validation applications. Analog dials resemble a clock face, with a needle to indicate the pressure. In that case flexible tubing may be used to connect the gauge to the pressure source. Ashcroft digital test gauge operating instructions manual pdf. Ashcroft series 1008 pressure gauges the ashcroft 4050mm 1008s pressure gauge is a compact, allstainless steel design for limited space installations requiring corrosion resistance.

Solid front, mirror band, knifeedge pointer, external zeroadjust, bleeder tip optional. Sw, bar, mbar, kpa, mpa, mmhg, cmh o, kgcm update rate 4 options. Receiver gauge and false reading gauge dials ashpi45 rupture, proof and overpressure of ashcroft bourdon tubes ash42d sae j514j1926 oring pressure connection for 1009 sw1008s pressure gauges igpi02. In addition, when used with the gqsrt1 quick select module for temperature measurement with an rtd temperature probe, the calibrator system can display the rtd measurement in. Ashcroft type t4 temperature switches are designed for use on virtually all oem and industrial applications. Ashcroft a4a process pressure gauges configure model. Ashcroft t5500 pressure gauge pressure gauges instrumart. All stainless steel bimetal thermometer model a and e nominal size 3, 5, 100 mm or 160 mm accuracy. Installation and maintenance instructions for ashcroft. Consult the corrosion guide available on the website. T6500 pressure gauge installation and maintenance download. The stem of the thermometer should then be coated with a heat. Ashcrofts agriculture gauge, glass window, true zero indication, powerflex movement. Ashcroft remains operational to deliver whats essential.

Ashcroft panel gauges offer attractive design, excellent readability, and a variety of dial sizes with a broad pressure range selection. Ashcroft 2074 digital pressure gauge kodiak controls. Along with more traditional technology, ashcroft offers exclusive. The complete ashcroft product reference guide ashcroft. Digital industrial gauge operating instructions ashcroft. Ashcroft 1188 low pressure bellows gauge pressure gauges. The 1010 also is the only ashcroft pressure gauge available in sizes up to 12 in diameter. Instruction manual sanitary gauge 1032 1032 sanitary pressure gauge instruction manual isolation ring 81 bolt thru isolation ring instruction manual diaphragm seal 100105, 107, 200205, 207, 300304 atex 300301 threaded diaphragm seals.

Downloads ashcroft pressure and temperature instrumentation. Boiler gauges measure both the temperature and water pressure in boilers. Install the liquid filled type thermometer so that the maximum case temperature is kept below 150f at all times. The pointer is moved by the action of the pressure via a. Ashcroft s tried and true sensor technology eliminates signal instability and drift, meaning their products will be 100 percent reliable in a wide range of applications. The gauge features an all welded stainless steel design, overload protection to % of range, an easily adjusted micrometer pointer, and the socket welded to the case.

With a gasactuated temperature gauge the stem, the capillary and the bourdon tube are joined together into one unit. All specifications are subject to change without notice. When a thermometer is equipped with a well, the well should be installed onto the apparatus first. In chemical processing, oil refineries, power plants, pharmaceutical, food and industrial application the ashcroft trademark is the industry. Thread size refers to the pitch or threads per inch tpi that the pressure gauges use when mounting into a system. Depending on the pressure range the ashcroft a4a gauge may include a single or multicoil bourdon tube. The a4a is the new standard for precision test gauges. Ashcrofts sprinkler gauge, ul and fm approved, true zero indication, powerflex movement. All sales subject to standard terms and conditions. Explore our products required to support health care, pharmaceutical and oem customers.

Manual acid leak detection ald manual dg25 digital gauge. Ashcroft pressure and temperature instrumentation trust. Ashcroft 2030 series digital sanitary pressure gauge 0. The connection or mount is the location on the pressure gauge case that extends from the case. The leading pressure and temperature instrumentation manufacturer of pressure gauges, test gauges, and temperature gauges. If the temperature changes, the internal pressure will also change.

Wireless pressure gauge manual details for fcc id to3xw1ashwf made by ashcroft inc. Type pressure gauges, all stainless steel, scale measurement ranges 0100 dial diameter inch 212 connection mount lower accuracy % 1. Process pressure gauges are used for measuring and detecting the relative or absolute pressure in applications with condensation or rapid temperature changes. Ashcroft xmas tree gauges, process gauges, commercial gauges. Double that allowance for gauges with hermetically sealed or liquid filled cases, except for duragauge gauges. Digital test gauge operating instructions ashcroft. Ashcroft 2030 series pressure gauges configure model, types. The 1010 also is the only ashcroft gauge available in sizes up to 12. Diaphragm seals, pressure gauges, thermometers dascosales.

The ashcroft 2089, 2086 and 2084 precision digital test gauges with terminal point accuracy allows rezeroing to eliminate sensor offset. The broad line of pressure and temperature gauges and switches is complemented by a full line of pressure transducers and test equipment. Until the ashcroft 2084, 2086, 2089 series, there has not been a single solution to address these factors. Dramatically extend the lifetime of your pressure measurement instrumentation and lead to significant cost savings. Each thermometer is manufactured to a standard accuracy of 1% of span. Ashcroft xmas tree gauges, process gauges, commercial. Choose from analog and digital, clipon, longreach, magnetic styles and.

Gauge accuracy can be dramatically impacted by changes in temperature, rezeroing, and other factors. The ashcroft t5500 pressure gauge has become an industry standard for its high reliability and versatility. As an essential business, ashcroft will continue to operate and support our customers at this time. Pressure gauges and vacuum gauges allow users to monitor the pressure of air and noncorrosive fluids in pumps, filters, compressors, and regulators. Duralife 1009 measuring instruments pdf manual download. Pressure gauges are used for measuring the pressure of. A bourdon tube is a piece of tubing that has been bent into a circular shape. For expected long term service below 20f 30c duragauges and 41. Ashcroft wall or panel mounting kits should be ordered with the gauge. Pipe mount the ashcroft digital test gauge comes standard with. Ashcroft pressure and vacuum gauges grainger industrial supply.

Ashcroft datasheets pressure, temperature instrumentation. For reference only, consult ashcroft for specific dimensional drawings 5 of 5 data sheet ei bimetal thermometer all speci. Ashcroft pressure and vacuum gauges grainger industrial. The connection or mount allows for the gauge to be placed on a wall or panel.

The ashcroft a4a precision pressure gauge incorporates a highly engineered bourdon tube as a pressure sensing element. Port sel if the manual mode was selected, the calibrator must be programmed with the reference temperature of the external reference junction. Ashcroft 1188 low pressure pressure gauge is used throughout process and industrial markets globally and is known for its reliability, performance and safety the ashcroft 1188 pressure gauge has been designed to withstand harsh working conditions and measure a wide range of pressure ratings. Ashcroft series 1188 low pressure bellows gauge, asme b 40. Their items include pressure and temperature instrumentation such as pressure gauges, test gauges, and temperature gauges. Ashcroft pressure gauges sometimes mispelled guages, temperature instruments, pressure and temperature switches are specified and trusted around the world for the most demanding requirements. Help protect pressure gauges and transmitters against high temperatures and corrosive proccess media. Pressure gauges instruction manual t5500t6500 t6500 pressure gauge instruction manual t5500t6500 atex t6500 pressure gauge.

Ashcroft commercial pressure gauges 1005, 1005s, 1005p. Find bimetal and vapor tension thermometer types in a wide range of dial sizes, connection sizes and locations, stem lengths and temperature ranges. All stainless steel bimetal thermometer model a and e ashcroft. Most gauges and accessories listed on this site are typically available to ship on the same or next business day, from stock at our warehouse in warren, michigan. Ashcroft 2089, 2086 and 2084 precision digital test gauges.

Temperature measurement data can be displayed in degrees celsius, fahrenheit, kelvin or rankine. All stainless steel bimetal thermometer model a and e. The heise pte2 handheld calibrator raises the bar with a new design and added features, including a usb port, sd card, backlit lcd and an onboard loop power supply. Ashcroft type 1008 stainless steel case glycerin filled. Congratulations on your purchase of the ashcroft digital industrial gauge. Digital test gauge measuring instruments pdf manual download. Ashcroft type 1008 stainless steel case glycerin filled pressure gauge, stainless steel tube and socket, 100mm dial size, 14 npt lower connection, 30 hg vac015 psi pressure range price. Ashcrofts tried and true sensor technology eliminates signal instability and drift, meaning their products will be 100 percent reliable in a wide range of applications. Ashcroft 1259 process pressure gauge drawing index. Ashcroft duralife 1009 installation, operation and. Ashcroft process pressure gauges, ashcroft pressure gauge. I 11082011 all stainless steel bimetal thermometer model a and e nominal size 3, 5, 100 mm or 160 mm. Vacuum to 1500 psi2000 to 20,000 psi50,000 to 100,000 psi. Ashcroft a4a precision pressure test gauge, 6 inch dial size the ashcroft a4a precision dial pressure gauge is known for high accuracy and performance.

They provide repeatability, reliability, and compatibility and are ideal for satisfying the requirements for temperature control, shutdown, or alarm operations. Good piping practices recommend using teflon tape or a pipe sealant on the gauge threads. View and download ashcroft duralife 1009 installation, operation and maintenance manual online. Ashcroft xmas tree gauges, process gauges, commercial gauges, stainless steel gauges, low pressure gauges, industrial gauges, differential pressure gauges, sanitary gauges, test gauges, digital gauges, electronic pressure, temperature gauges, manometers installation operation and maintenance manuals. This featurepacked gauge offers a menudriven display for easy customization. Temperature compensation, slotted link, peak load indicator, wall mount, various inlet fittings. Grainger carries a broad assortment of dial thermometers that indicate temperature with a metal pointer on a circular scale. Xw1ashwf wireless pressure gauge user manual f0739 ashcroft. Like the original, the pte2 accommodates two quickselect modules to measure pressure in ranges from 0. Ashcroft 2030 series pressure gauges configure model.

If the vibration levels are extreme the only solution may be to remotely mount the gauge away from the source of vibration. Ashcroft pressure gauges are used to measure the pressure of liquids, gas and vapours in closed pipes or vessels. View and download ashcroft digital test gauge operating instructions manual online. Ashcroft d1005ps digital pressure gauge d1005 25d1005. The inches of water range are available for three reference temperatures. Switches ashcroft produces a wide variety of switches including pressure switches, differential switches and temperature switches.

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